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Mar 16, 2009

Suuuper duper bonus, it's the St.Patty's special featuring real honest to goodness irish standards with your special guest host Marc from the Breakroom. You can hear his show (one of my favorites) at
out go out go out gasoline hi-five

1) The Mahones - Whiskey in the Jar -...

Mar 12, 2009

Alllllright alright! We're back with another Diabolical Radio! This time it's the Samurai from The Gentlemen's Guide to Midnight Cinema,  turn at bat and he brings you a whooooole mess of Blues, altcountry and uh.. stuff. Lots of great songs here so check it out!

Mar 6, 2009

Holy Shmiole we're back! and with an hour and twenty minute long show no less! We've missed you all terribly and to make it up to you THIS week we're covering Lucio Fulci's GATES OF HELL trilogy! Our features are City of the Living Dead, The Beyond, and House by the Cemetery. Let us know what you think! Oh and buy DVDs...