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Apr 28, 2008

Howdy! This week we get ripped apart by a listener for misinterpreting Zatoichi and our features are the spaghetti westerns, "Django kill, if you live Shoot!"  &  "Massacre Time" Plus a special bonus with Big Willy's review of the French film "Inside" and of course all of the listener voicemails, randomness, and sleep...

Apr 22, 2008

Oh the SHAME of it all! We go over our cinematic guilty pleasures and the most disturbing films we've ever seen PLUS tons of listener voicemails confessing some of the GUILTIEST pleasures you've ever heard. It's traumatic but we'll get through this together.


Apr 15, 2008

It's ladies night and we go over TWO female revenge films. Thriller - a cruel picture and Lady Snowblood. Also, in a third segment we give props to Frank Darabont for his recent comments. Voicemails, insanity and various random anger.


Apr 8, 2008

HUGE Hour and a half episode! Our features are Shogun Assassin and Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman. Plus LOTS of REALLY LONG VOICEMAILS!
We're supporting Shannon Lark in the Fangoria 2008 Spooksmodel
 contest. She's a great gal and has done a LOT for the horror community so vote for her...

Apr 1, 2008

Blah blah.. Goonies.. blah blah blah Don't Torture a Duckling.. blah blah We Are Going To Eat You.

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