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Mar 25, 2008

Special guest Metal Mike joins us in the studio! The first installation of "How not to be a Douchebag" and our features are two Pupi Avati films, "Zeder" and "The House with Laughing Windows"

Voicemail: 206.350.4030

Mar 19, 2008

We turned the controls over to the Legion this week for a show full of requests! Including Troll 2, VisitorQ, Tetsuo, and uh.. more that I don't feel like typing out!

Voicemail: 206.350.4030

Mar 11, 2008

You want angry? I have several small aneurysms while going over what's going to be soon hitting theaters/dvd players. Our features this week are just about every damn jungle cannibal film ever! A supersized overview on the cannibal genre.


Mar 4, 2008

Back on track! French horror films including a review of A'L'interiour (whatever,) Various insanity and A 60 sec review from Sebastian O'Brian.
Our features this week are Meatball Machine and Sex & Fury.

Listen to the sweet sweet sounds of Sebastian O'brian at: