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Aug 28, 2008

This week we cap off Awful August with reviews of the John Waters  masterpieces Desperate Living and  Pink Flamingos. M13 joins us in-studio, listen closely as things degenerate from tightly structured to complete chaos. That's just how we roll baby.


Aug 19, 2008

This show is serious... REAL serious. Two artsy-fartsy features that just sucked the fun out of both of us... sorry. Our features this week are Gummo and Man Bites Dog. Support the Show! Voicemail: 206.350.4030

Aug 12, 2008

Ugh, second week in and I'm already sick of "Awful August" this week we dull our senses with Meet the Feebles and enter NEW realms of "ohmyfuckinggod" with NEKROmantik. Yikes.  In fact the only thing keeping me from killing myself is that this week we have a BRAND NEW Creepy World from Sebastian...

Aug 6, 2008

It's Mondo time! Get ready for racism, explicit gore and randomness! This week we cover Mondo Cane and Brutes & Savages. There are a HALF HOUR of voicemails on this episode so strap in and get ready for excellence... not really.